Preparing Your Quilt For Machine Quilting

These are the things you need to do before you give me your quilt

-Square up back. If you fold it in half lengthwise it should match side to side and top and bottom without creasing.

-Remove selvage edges. This prevents puckering at the seams, as selvages are wound more tightly than the rest of the fabric.

-Back and batting should be 8 inches larger (4 inches wider and 4 inches longer all 4 sides, this includes top, bottom, left and right ). Please double check. This allows me to position the clamps that hold the back in place without interfering with the area to be quilted.

-Iron all seams flat. If pressed flat they will not bend and twist when quilted. Press seams to prevent bulk, do this by alternating rows pressing to the right on one row and to the left on the next. Spin seams if you have intersections with build up of multiple layers.

-Clip all loose threads that can hang up the hopping foot. HOP HOP

-Check for open seams, these also hang up the hopping foot.

-No pins please. They will kill my machine and throw the timing into another dimension.

-Mark top center direction of quilting design, if design has a definite top.

-Mark top center of backing, if needed, especially if it needs to match the top center of front.

-Make sure batting is 6-8 inches larger than the quilt top. That means 3-4 inches on each side North, South, East and West.

Also remember puckers, tucks and wrinkles can not be quilted out and will remain visible after machine quilting. This includes wavy borders also known as skirting as this will create some necessary gathering to ease in oversized borders. I usually notice this and return them to you to fix before I quilt if severe.

Quilting Options with new pricing guidelines

 *** There is a $60 minimum charge. this is due to set up charge.***

Computer Guided and Pantographs at $26 per square yard.

Semi-Custom-includes combination of custom, ruler-work, freehand and thread changes and ranges in price depending on complexity and precision at $50 per square yard and up!

Mid Custom Border, Sash and Block

Heirloom- for those very special quilts that will be show stoppers. Please request this if you are entering quilt in a contest or for prize winning. Show quilt generally have 2 layers of batting. Please supply this when you give me a quilt and make a note on order form.

Binding- Sewing your pre-made binding to the top of the quilt only. You do the hand work. I do charge extra for this but well worth it on a large quilt. Make binding 2.5 inches wide folded and pressed in half, at $2 a linear foot around the perimeter of the quilt top.

If I have to seam the back the charge is $10 per seam.

I also charge to make the binding, usually $25! Please have it ready for me.

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