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Kristin L Callahan

Kristin L Callahan

     I have been quilting since I graduated from high school, many years now. My love of quilting started with an adult education class at Saugus High School taught by Agatha Romboli and Katherine Pescatore. I attended this class with my mother, Janet Nichols. I still have the quilt that I hand pieced and hand quilted all those years ago. 

     Quilting has been a hobby and a creative outlet for me ever since.  I've made many quilts for family and friends as wedding, baby and birthday gifts. I love to create my own quilts and will carefully and artistically quilt yours. In the past I even involved my mother-in-law Ellen Callahan in this creative process and know she would be proud of what I have accomplished.

      Now I quilt with my Aunt Ellen Moore, we both belong to the Hammersmith Quilters Guild of Saugus, MA and regularly attend "quilt conventions" together, i.e. Getaways!

      Have you recently come upon an unfinished project, a pieced quilt top, perhaps some pieced quilt squares not yet sewn together? 

     I will piece together those quilt squares for you, quilt and bind them so you may have a finished heirloom. I can even make the legend (label) for your quilt back.

     Do you have fabric for a backing but it is just a few inches to narrow or too short or both? I have some interesting ideas you can use to make it wider and/or longer and no one would ever know. 

      With the pantographs I have available, and my freehand skills, I will use my artistic style to add character to your quilt. I can meander over your quilt top with a large stipple, or cover it with loops, ribbons, or water ripples. I love to freehand roses, leaves, waves, and feathers. I can add a whimsical look with hearts, stars, and swirls or add more custom details if you prefer. If you want a separate border and sash design it will add a semi-custom look. I am always adding new pantographs and if you want something specific that I do not have I am willing to order a new one just to suit your quilt.

    I now have a computer guided machine to help me create some more intricate and precise designs. 

I love to teach and also teach quilting and sewing.

I have taught at Explorers an adult education club partnered with Salem State University.

I was a private tutor through an internet tutoring site.

I will even teach open sew classes for groups if you contact me directly.

I was a certified Sue Pelland instructor and have taught classes and lectured on her templates and techniques.

I continue to teach classes at Quilters Common in Wakefield, MA.


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