Company History

   I purchased my  APQS Millennium machine in the fall of 2006. It is a hand driven long arm machine with a stitch regulator. The table is 18.5 feet long and can accomodate up to a king size quilt. Your quilt top and back are pinned to separate rollers and the batting is sandwiched between the 2 layers as the rollers advance.

      I am proud to say husband willingly gave up his large shop area and built me a room just for this purpose. My youngest daughter picked out the color purple and He and our three children painted it, Maura, Michael and Megan painted it to surprise me. My father added a thread cabinet with glass doors, and a batting rack on the back wall. My family calls this "The Studio". I am flattered at the artistic reference. 

     I have been building my business and customer base ever since. I have many satisfied and repeat customers from my local area and have begun to extend my boundaries. I have customers that belong to the Hammersmith Quilters Guild in Saugus, the Wakefield Crafters and Quilters, and Burlington Quilt Guild also a group in Winthrop as well as individuals with no guild affiliation. They have all been wonderful clients and many have become my friends.  

     See the then (above) and now pictures. How things have changed since my adventure began!


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